Writer’s Block

Mary & Hazel

I never really got the whole writer’s block thing. I don’t think I’ve experienced it since secondary school, and even then, it was usually just a case of leave it alone for a while, let it stew, come back later and voilá.

Now I have it, I get it.

I have it since Hazel’s Nana, my mum-in-law Mary, died. My last proper blog post is from the 12th of April. She died, quite suddenly after a brief ten week illness, on the 18th of April.

I managed, with great difficulty, after hours and hours, over days and days of staring at a blank screen and forcing out a few words onto the page,  to come up with my keynote address for the ICTedu conference in LIT, Thurles. It went well and for a few brief hours I forgot about the void. When it came crashing back that evening… well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I guess I’m just writing to explain my long absence and to apologise to anyone who contacted me in the past 5 weeks and heard nothing back.

Everything seems pretty unimportant right now, but I’m sure, that too, shall pass.

For those of you who’ve been using the site all year and are about to sit the exams, with all my heart I sincerely wish you the best of luck. To my own students, thanks for your patience. I know I haven’t been entirely myself of late.

Evelyn x



4 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. Evelyn, totally natural reaction to the loss of someone you were obviously really close to. Your students have a wonderful teacher in you and from experience I know in times of deep sorrow our students can be the antidote and scaffolding that we grown-ups need sometimes to take us through the dark times. Take care of yourself x

  2. So sorry for your sudden and shocking loss Evelyn , take care of yourself and yours

  3. Laura (about to sit the LC)

    I’m so sorry to read this, it’s never easy, I remember 2 months before my J Cert my grandfather died of cancer and a week before the J Cert my aunt died of it too. I wrote about it in the Jc and I reckon I must have really tugged on the heart strings of the examiner. Writing from the heart works.

    Anyway, I have a question. I’m sitting my leaving cert English in 2days!!!! I really want an A but paper 1 always brings me down in the essay.What can I do to boost my grades in such a short time? For myself I want an A. because I aspire to become an English teacher. All through 5th and 6th year, I’m constantly at 84% it driveS me insane. I’m so close, but I’m never told what is wrong with my answers to say why it’s not an A standard. Please help!!!

    • Hi Laura, I’m afraid without reading your work I couldn’t diagnose what’s holding you back from an A. Sometimes it’s as non-specific as the flow and elegance of a person’s writing, something that’s easy to sense as you read but it’s very hard to prescribe a cure for…