All 2014 guides on CD

A couple of people have asked me to kick it old school and sell the Poetry Study Guides on a disc.

As a former techo-phobe (with an Arts degree), I completely empathise with the fear of computers ‘just not doing what they’re damn well supposed to do’ and so I bring you a disc of mp3s (this will work in your computer but not your CD player) with all six Poetry Study Guides on it. The whole thing amounts to about five hours of discussion and analysis, which is why we can’t offer it on regular CD – we’d need a seperate disc for each one, plus labels, plus big ole envelopes, plus postage costs.  I’m exhausted even thinking about it!

So if you’re a bit sketchy on the techie side of things and would rather just get something in the post thank you very much, then this one’s for you. The cost will be €17.50 which includes the cost of the disc, label, envelope and stamp. Oh, and the mp3s too 😉

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