King Lear – Plot Chronology

King Lear – chronology

I found this quite extensive plot summary on an old memory stick today.

You can click on the link above for a pdf file which outlines the chronology of events inĀ  King Lear – or you can click on each of the images below.

Lear is one of my all time favourite Shakespearean plays but it’s quite complex in the way it weaves two disparate plots together – perhaps this will help you to see the mirroring of the plots more clearly and to trace it through the play as each Act unfolds.


Lear screengrab 1ACT 2

Lear screengrab 2


Lear screengrab 3


Lear screengrab 4


Lear screengrab 5




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  2. Some incredibly useful content here – thanks a lot!

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  4. Do the plot and subplot directly mirror each other?

  5. Maura Harmon

    Thank you – very helpful indeed and affirms what I’m doing!