Opinion Essays

For my second years who are revising for their house exams!

Taking an idea – building it into a paragraph.


  • What other people say
  • What I say! (strong statement)
  • Statistic
  • Opinion again (develop ideas)
  • Rhetorical Question
  • Quote


In these days of recession and poverty, you frequently hear people grumbling about those who receive social welfare – aka ‘The Dole’. Such people complain that these people are ‘spongers’, living off the state, too lazy to go out to work. In my opinion, this is profoundly unfair, judgemental and unjust. In 2014 the level of unemployment rose to 14% amongst the general population and 25% among those aged 18-27. We should not for a moment presume that these people do not want to go out to work. There is no pleasure to be had in sitting at home feeling useless, feeling as if you have nothing to contribute to society, but if the work simply isn’t there, what are you supposed to do? I believe we should be patient and kind to those who find themselves unable to find work. After all, as Ghandi once said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” 


Obviously, you don’t have to put all these ingredients in, and you can put them in in any order you wish!

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