Verb choice matters.

Take this sentence: “He walked past the window

Now imagine I substitute a different verb – I take out “walked” which doesn’t tell me a lot about HOW he walked, it just offers me a bland fact – he was walking. I can’t picture HOW he walked – but if I change the verb, look at how the picture in your head changes:

He crawled past the window

He staggered past the window

He danced past the window

He skipped past the window

He bounced past the window

He strutted past the window

He shuffled past the window

He stumbled past the window

He tip-toed past the window

He strolled  past the window

He ambled  past the window

He crept past the window

He scampered past the window

He  glided past the window

He charged past the window

He lurched past the window

He trotted past the window


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6 Responses to Descriptive Writing Tip 1

  1. Dan Morse says:

    How do I follow your blog?

  2. Chris Gueret says:

    As a teacher of 1st and 6th year English in Tallaght Community School, I have found your blog to be a great support to me in my teaching. I want to thank you sincerely for the selfless time and effort you invest in sharing your ideas and resources with others. Thank you again.
    Chris Gueret.

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  4. Doug Dougson says:


  5. Thank you for all your sound tips and insights into all areas of the course, its a great source.
    Miriam Farrelly.

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