Hello fellow teachers!

A few of you have contacted me but in case there are more of you out there lurking in the shadows, hello! Feel free to use any of the resources on the website as photocopiable resources. My only request is that you identify their origin – just stick¬†¬©leavingcertenglish.net at the bottom, s’il vous plait! Also, I’m considering turning what’s here into a reference guide for Paper 1. It seems like a step backwards in some ways but until all of my students are sitting in front of me with an internet connected device in their hands, I’ve got to stick with paper! My thinking is if I had 30 reference guides in my room I could use them with different year groups in class and they could use the website as a reference point when doing homework (my survey’s say about 92% have reliable access at home). That way I wouldn’t be responsible for so many rain forests getting destroyed…

Anyway, I’d really appreciate some feedback on this one. If there’s no demand, I won’t bother, I’ll just self-publish a couple for my own purposes. If the demand is there, I’m also considering having a go at creating an interactive eBook. So if you’ve any feedback, you can contact me by clicking on the feedback button or email leavingcertenglishnet@gmail.com (no dot before the net!).



5 responses to “Hello fellow teachers!

  1. Brilliant Evelyn, I’m getting fonder and fonder of even just reading your site, not to mind referring to it in class. I’m proud to let it slip to the students that I know you and I excuse my use of your work by saying I was thinking the same thing – you just said it better! Don’t know how you do it but the content is amazing and above all, the style is wonderful. D. H.

  2. Mary Connolly

    Evelyn, the English teachers in my school, St Mary’s Edenderry value highly your website. Compared with e.g. Schoool.ie etc, yours is so relevant, so practical and so user friendly.I, personally would be interested in your paper 1 book as there is very few quality texts available. Really you are providing a fantastic resource for the Eng Teachers of Ireland and we say a big thank you for it.

  3. Katie, Denise, Ailish, Laura thanks for the emails, nice to know I’m not talking to myself on here;-)
    Mary, delighted the website is proving useful.
    Dave, you’re too kind. In some alternate universe we’d have ended up teaching in the same school, which I’m willing to bet would have been fun!
    If anyone out there’s interested, I’m presenting at http://www.cesi.ie/conference-2012 on integrating ICT in the English clasroom.

  4. Evelyn, I love this website. I only started teaching 6th year English in September and I was really stuck for resources, especially for paper 1. I’ve taught mainly German up until now. I have been referring my students to this site from Moodle since day one. Your tips and advice are invaluable. Thanks a million, Julie.

  5. I’ve had loads more feedback in recent weeks, thanks all. I’m also presenting at the iNote conference; it’s not until next Oct but I think they’ve sent details to schools already because they book up pretty quickly. Hope to meet more of you there, Ev