Linking Phrases

To say the texts are similar:

  • Similarly
  • In the same way / In much the same way
  • In ______, we also see ___________
  • These characters react in the same way, both __________ because _____
  • These characters react similarly but for completely different reasons….
  • Both texts reveal that __________
  • This is also obvious in ________ when _______, just like ____ decides __________
  • We also see this in ________
  • Likewise, in __________
  • This is mirrored in _________
  • The two texts share a similarity in that __________

To point out differences

  • By contrast, in _________
  • In a different way ________
  • The opposite is seen in _________
  • Unlike _________
  • A completely different situation is clear in _________
  • In direct contrast to this, in _________, _________
  • The reverse is true in ________
  • Nothing like this is evident in _________ because they don’t value _______
  • These two texts could not be more different, particularly in thier outlook on _________
  • This is very different to ___________
  • This is somewhat different to _______

Here’s another list of linking phrases:


3 responses to “Linking Phrases

  1. Kathryn Mac Kenna

    Can you please tell me can you compare a hero in one text with a heroine in another text for ord level or does it have to be hero with hero and heroine with heroine? Thanking you, Kathryn

    • I’m not sure. I’ve never taught hero, heroine, villian as a mode. As far as I can tell from the marking scheme you can compare a hero in one text to a heroine in another, or a hero to a villain, or a villain to a villain. Any combination you like, unless the question specifically tells you otherwise (which has never happened as far as I can see). That makes sense to me because you could have a film whose central character is a female villain, a play whose central character is a male hero and a novel whose central character is a female heroine so you have to be allowed to discuss whichever character you want…

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