I’m like one of the three little pigs, getting in by the hair on my chinny chin chin – except, hold on, I don’t have any hair on my chin, nor do I ever plan to!

Anyway, the deadline is tonight, so here are my nominations for the edublog awards:

Best Individual Blog – levdavidovic.wordpress.com

Best Group Blog – newenglishblog.blogspot.ie

Best ed tech/ resource sharing blog – anseo.net

Best New Blog –  stpetersbrayblog.com

Best Teacher Blog – seomraranga.com

Best Individual Tweeter – @levdavidovic

Best Twitter Hashtag – #edchatie

Best Educational use of audio/video/visual/podcast – ansonprimaryschool.com

Lifetime Achievement Award – Donal O’Mahony (donalomahony.edublogs.org)



One Response to Edublog nominations

  1. Doc says:

    I’m grafteul you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.