Seamus Heaney RIP

to grab your sorrow by the throat

to grapple with it and lunge it heaving from your chest

and force it into words

is no easy task.

we spent hours together you and I.

you never saw me,

we never spoke,

now, we never will.

but in my mind I knew you –

and in your words, you knew us all –

and that,

my friend,

is enough.



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6 responses to “Seamus Heaney RIP

    • thanks Maire. Sat down to write a blog post but that’s what came out. Getting lots of love on twitter. I guess a modest poem as a tribute to a poet is fitting x

  1. Teary eyed at moment. Poem says it all

  2. Poem puts what we all feel into apt words.. Fair dues 🙂 Studying him for my leaving cert such a remarkable poet with such a wide range of works. He will never be forgotten

  3. just wonderful sums it up for me x

  4. Such a visceral response. So well put.
    We miss him still.