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Hamlet loyalty & betrayal

Hamlet is loyal to his dead daddy’s memory

But must also be loyal to his moral core

Gertrude is loyal to her hot new husband

But in doing so betrays the one that went before

Ophelia is loyal to her daddy Polonius

But in doing so betrays her true love & her heart

Claudius is loyal to his own selfish interests

And hides pangs of guilt cause he’s really quite smart

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are loyal to the Crown

But betray their old schoolfriend by spying on him

Leartes is loyal to his daddy’s memory

But in dealing with Claudius is really quite dim

Horatio is loyal to his buddy/boss Hamlet

And never betrays him unlike all the others


Hamlet can’t handle the pain of betrayal

His girlfriend, his mammy and his daddy’s own brother!

He goes slightly mental and loses perspective

Thinks everyone is evil and just wants to die

Meanwhile his mammy and girlfriend Ophelia

Are so worried about him they agree to spy

How else will they ever discover the reason

He’s acting so strange & erratic and odd?

But he sees what they’re doing and feels so betrayed

As they trample all over his loyalty roughshod

All of this treason, deception & falseness

Makes Hamlet behave quite unlike his true self(s)

He wants Claudius to burn an eternity in hell

Kills Polonius, attacks Laertes, sends R&G to their deaths

That’s all I’ve got for you on loyalty & betrayal

My rhymes are getting ropey so I’d better stop

Just remember to write in a more formal style

And add plenty of quotes so your answer’s not a flop!