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Blog Awards – We Won!!!


Every year since 2012 the Blog Awards has been a highlight of our calendar year. Granted, I was hitherto attending as a plus one, as my hubby’s blog www.tablequiz.net was a finalist in two categories – twice – and I was but the poor relation who made the shortlist but never quite made it to the ball…

Fast-forward to this year and I featured on the shortlist once again, but I figured it’d be a case of history repeating itself so we didn’t make any plans to attend the awards. In fact, I was so sure I wouldn’t feature as a finalist, I picked the weekend of the awards to move house.

And then I won!

Despite a lovely evening of twitter congratulations, even now I feel like a bit of a fraud typing the words “Winner of Best Education Blog”!

You know what they say, if a tree falls in the woods, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Well, suffice it to say that because I wasn’t there I’m still not convinced it actually happened! Perhaps once I manage to collect this lovely hunk of glass off Simon Lewis, I’ll become a believer…

blog awards trophy

In the meantime, it would be remiss of me not to offer sincere thanks to the judges and to my readers who have made my blogging experience such a positive, interactive and rewarding experience. I raise a glass to you all from the comfort of my new couch!