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Today the bodies come home.
A strangehold of sadness
cloaks our nation in despair
and Father’s Day seems neither here nor there
And yet…
There must be a time
to count our blessings,
to hold close those we love,
to mourn those
we have lost
and to remember.
For in memory
no-one ever dies
and all our cries of
give way
for just a moment
to love.

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3 responses to “Today

  1. Patricia Maguire

    Beautiful. Heart-breaking, but beautiful. x

  2. Alexandra Fleming

    Grief is so consuming and you never get used to losing a parent. Take care Evelyn, xx

  3. I miss him so much Evelyn, loosing him has pushed me into such clarity, I have so much I want to accomplish, I’m attacking life the way he did! I don’t care what it takes. Love you!