It’s September now, summer’s only remains lie in the uncut grass taunting me every time I glance out at our overgrown lawn and it feels like I need to somehow reclaim my blogging mojo. Still at a loss for inspiration or motivation or dedication, perhaps revisiting the lost four months gone past might relight some dampened fire in my typing fingertips…

Back in May I delivered two related keynotes in quick succession, the first being the ICTedu conference in LIT, Thurles campus organised by the wonderful Pam O’Brien. It was my first time keynoting; I was grieving; I was scared; but I was also determined to prove that I could say something worth saying; that I could rise to the challenge presented.

My trusty notes app, on my phone, filled with rough cut thoughts and teaching anecdotes formed the backbone of my talk, which you can view here, should the mood take you.

I was overwhelmed afterwards, with kind words and exhaustion, and the remainder of the day was quite simply a joy, particularly the inspired Learning Walk.

Although then Junior Education Minister Ciaran Cannon mentioned that he’d like to have me at the Excited conference, it wasn’t until the next day that it clicked in my teeny tiny brain that he meant he wanted to have me present. A keynote? Aw crap! Ok!

At his request, my ICTedu keynote formed the backbone of my talk, which you can view, should the mood take you, by clicking on the vimeo link below… and my reflections on the day you can read here.

From a blogging perspective, nothing new to see here really… but a necessary dipping of toes back into the water, methinks…


2 Responses to Keynotes…

  1. marc362 says:

    Good to have you back Evelyn.

  2. Superb – you inspire, thank you