Attention all LC’s – read this!

Everything on this site is pretty po-faced but if you really want to impress go for the tongue-in-cheek, ‘it’s all a big pile of stinky-poo Ted’ approach.

(I was going to say ‘big pile of shite’ but like all writers I must be aware of my target audence and I don’t want to injure your delicate sensibilities with my coarse language).

Anyway, check out this article, not just because it’s bloody funny but also because the style of writing is what you should aspire to.


3 responses to “Attention all LC’s – read this!

  1. Amy Courtney

    Hi there,i thoroughly enjoyed this:) Im currently in 6th year, I think this article had finally made me see light at the end Of this tunnel! And may I say your website is a life saver 🙂 really appreciate all your posts, blogs and tips!
    Thank you very much

  2. Sarah Kirwan

    Hi, love the blog. Any chance you can put another link to this text? the link is not working for some reason.