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Advertisments use many of the techniques of persuasive writing to convince you (or emotionally manipulate you) into buying a particular product or service.

An advert must

  • Get our attention
  • Leave an impression
  • Create a link between us and a product or service

Adverts rely on a strong element of suggestion & may contain subliminal messages.


  • Colour
  • Music / voice-overs / jingles
  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Humour
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Recognisable characters
  • Models
  • Attractive lifestyles
  • Promise of fun / value for money
  • Expert reports
  • Scientific jargon
  • Informal, friendly language
  • Positive buzz words / phrases

Look at the following text from a holiday brochure as an example of the language of advertising:

Come to Ireland.

The land of a thousand welcomes is waiting to welcome you.

Why not begin your trip with a visit to Dublin? Relax as you tour the famous Guinness Brewery. Soak up the atmosphere in Temple Bar. Prepare to be spooked in Kilmainham Jail.

And when it all gets too much?

Head for the hills.

There’s nothing quite like the Ring of Kerry to take you back to nature, or why not swim with the dolphins in Dingle? You’ll get a warm welcome wherever you go. Delicious food, open peat fires, plenty of banter and barrels of laughter. Whether you’re watching a spectacular sunset and tapping your foot to the sounds of a lively Ceili band, Ireland has it all.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read these testimonials & you’ll soon be packing your bags!

Our trip to Ireland was one I’ll never forget. It’s such a cliche that the Irish are the friendliest people on earth – but the proof was in the pudding. We met so many lovely people. We’re going back again this year but this time we’re staying with friends” – Susan Sylvester, Chicago.

Do the Travel Triumph trip. I promise you won’t regret it” – Dan Armitage, Southern Illinois.

I’ve been all over the world – Asia, Europe, Africa – but Ireland truly has something unique. For a laid-back atmosphere and spectacular scenery, there really is nowhere else on earth quite like it” – Toni Jones, Texas.

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