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Leaflet / set of guidelines

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If you are asked to compse a leaflet or a set of guidelines your format should follow the rules for the language of information. However you can take a tongue-in-cheek approach as evident above! In general the examiner will be looking for

  • simple clear language (short snappy sentences),
  • easy to access information (numbering or bullet points, headings and sub-headings, variety of ‘font’ sizes)
  • variety of ideas

On one occasion students were asked to compose an informative election leaflet for a forthcoming student council election and to pretend they were running for the position of Student Council President.

In general election leaflets contain:

  • The candidate’s photo, name & party if applicable.
  • A catchy slogan.
  • Information laid out in bullet point style.
  • Short snappy sentences.
  • Relevant past experience / leadership qualities.
  • Election promises – what changes you’ll implement.
  • Criticism of / comparison with other candidates.


Vote for Hazel –Vote for Change!

Vote for me, Hazel Nolan, as Student Council President.

As class prefect, I have experience of representing student’s views.

I have proven my leadership skills as Senior Volleyball Team Captain.

I have shown my concern for younger students through my continuous involvement in the Big Sister – Little Sister programme.

I promise to initiate change in the following areas:

  • Ban on mobile phones during lunch break.
  • Necessity to wear school uniform on school trips.
  • Improve quality & variety of food in school canteen.
  • Improve access to photocopying & printing services for students.
  • Increase use of ICT in the classroom.
  • Allow students to be present at parent/teacher meetings.

I will also represent our views nationally by taking part in Dáil na nÓg.

Unlike other candidates (one of whom claims to have “extensive experience of dealing with school management during daily detention”) I will take my job seriously, represent your concerns sincerely and bring about practical changes to make YOUR time in school more enjoyable.




For more on instructions, click on this link: http://www.englishonline.co.uk/englishnon/literacy/literacy11-14/instruct.html#1