Lifelong Learning



It’s kind of hip these days to talk about being a “lifelong learner” but for me, I just like learning new things… as long as they’re not too far out of my comfort zone!

So this summer I’ve been learning more about broadcasting by doing a weekly radio show with my hubby John, it’s called “What’s Another Year?”. Starting with 2010 and going back in time, each episode examines the major sporting, movie, literary, political and social events of that year (from a narrow Irish point of view bien sur!) Think of it as Richard and Judy meets Reeling in the Years. And yes, that’s me singing the theme tune. Johnny Logan eat your heart out ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can listen back to previous episodes here:

What’s Another Year? on Mixcloud


In other news, this Sunday I’ll be attending my first ever Apple Distinguished Educator Institute. I applied to become an ADE back in January and was like a kid at Christmas when I eventually found out I’d been accepted. Now the 6 day intensive training camp in using Apple technologies to transform teaching and learning is nigh and I am uber-super-duper excited. I’m also a bit scared because I have zero formal training in I.T. As with the radio show, everything I’ve learned is a mix of gut instinct and the never-ending patience of my wonderful hubby John.

You can read more about the ADE programme here:ยย and I’ll post all about it next week when the fire in my brain cools a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

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